Price: N60,000

Total Wardrobe Detox

This is a total style make over, this is mostly done for a rebrand after a break up, loss or gain of weight, moved to a new city, Single to a married woman or wanting to change your entire wardrobe!

A deeper magic happens during this process, we clear out all the old, unworn and ill-fitting clothes, we are allowing what is old and stagnant to flow away, to make way for clothes that flatter your figure, delight your eyes and raise your confidence levels through the roof.

  • 20-30mins zoom call to get a better idea of your needs.
  • Body type and color Analysis
  • 4 hours zoom video call Second session will be a thorough evaluation of your clothes and accessories starting with your ‘go to’ items, then working through the rest of your wardrobe, cleansing as we go.
  • Personal Shopping
  • Receive digital analysis on how to create outfits with existing and newly purchased clothes (Personal Shopping service is advised)
    Bonus; 20 colour swatches that suits you, A moodboard of clothes to wear for body type, accessories ideas.
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